25 March

Got up.

Wrote about Doctor Who.

Ate porridge.

Posted nice short concise essay on very old Doctor Who story on blogger.

E-mail from employer. Apparently my status has been changed from "paid leave of absence" to "waiting for redeployment". Very probably some working from home will keep me relatively sane. But not knowing what I am going to be doing makes everything seem very contingent. 

Trying to cook something involving some of the ingredients for spag bol before the meat I bought last weeks passes its sell-by date. Only have one tin of tomatoes so threw some baked beans in as well. Surprisingly eatable. Claiming it was spaghetti bolognaise would clearly be cultural appropriation so I cristen it Sea-Side Land Lady Style Savory Mince With Noodles. 

Body Shop delivered a package, hooray!

Walked 10,000 steps to Southmead and back. 


Mike Taylor said...

Please, please, I beg of you, do not put baked beans into your cooking.

They belong in one place and one place only: on toast.

Andrew Rilstone said...

Your recipe for spag bol is excellent. I am however trying to only go to the shop once a week and not to buy any more food until I have consumed everything in the cupboard. At any rate everything perishable. I could not therefore in good conscience buy more tinned tomatoes, and my choice was spag bol with not nearly enough tomato or spag bol with baked beans.

Up until last December, I would have been subsisting entirely on cheese on toast (and occasional bacon sandwiches) so cooking of any kind is a Grace Stepford. I am not quite at the point where I would risk giving it to anybody else. ("I call it "some vegetables in a pan with a little soy sauce stirred through with pasta.")

Mike Taylor said...

I am unreasonably chuffed that you would use my recipe :-)

As it happens, we are desperately awaiting a giant ASDA delivery next Thursday, and until then very much making do and mend so far as food is involved — avoiding shopping trips where possible. So I will shortly by making a spaghetti bolognese with tinned tomatoes. I plan to get by with a mixture of chopped cherry tomatoes, tomato purée (which we're also running very low on) and very bad red wine to make up the volume. Wish me luck.

Mike Taylor said...

Sorry, sorry: with no tinned tomatoes, is what I meant to say.