18 March

Glastonbury cancelled which serves them right for not letting me have a ticket. This year’s tickets will be rolled over to next year so I presumably won't be able to go in 2021 either. Priddy Folk Festival isn't til July and still thinks it may be able to go ahead: Sidmouth Folk Week has yet to declare.

Head of Libraries sends out message that all libraries will close from tomorrow. Strange "end of days" feeling descends. Or as the French say Finn De Sickles. A few students come in to study as if everything is normal: as the day wears on some family groups come in and are delighted to find they are allowed 20 books each. A man on the letters pages of the local paper says that books are as obsolete as quill pens and all libraries should be abolished immediately. But people seem to use us. Everything wiped down, put away, locked up and a sign hung up saying "we are closed until at least May 1st".

Rather sweet that some customers concerned about how they will get their books back on time and if they will have to pay overdue charges. (All books deemed to be due back when we reopen, and we never charge fines for days we are shut.) Manager wonders if perhaps we could live-stream me reading We're Going On a Bear Hunt so long as Monday Story and Rhyme Time is not happening. Council treating us as being on paid leave-of-absence as long as the library isn't opening, which means that I am in a much better position than many.

Lunch at Better Food shop/cafe. (Scotch Egg and Salad.) Shop open but cafe empty and highly suitable for social distancing.

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