19 March

Prime Minister Johnson has closed nearly all schools, effective immediately, which a lot of people think he should have done already.

Slimming World cancelled for the Forseeable; I promise to fill my larder with Free Food and Speedy Free Food and not fill up on Syns. (-29 lbs since January, target -6 stone by Christmas.)

To Health Center to have my blood test. (I have to have a test every few weeks because of the blood clot I had last year. No-longer at all worried by sharp scratches.) Not allowed in building until I confirm that I have not been to China, do have any symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms (and repeat this to the receptionist and the nurse); no-one in waiting room and some staff have impressive masks, but otherwise business as usual. (INR 2.2, blood pressure normal-high since you asked.) I know that it is a cliche to say that you love the NHS, but I love the NHS.

Day spent finishing elongated essay on Doctor Who that I started a couple of weeks ago and have not previously had time to edit. I have said on lots of occasions that I would like to reduce hours of my day job to give me more time to write; so trying to regard present emergency as a Wind Fall of time, unless and until I get sick.

To L's house for supper. (I am regarding L as effectively part of my "household" unless and until I get sick, but intend to have no contact with anyone else.) Watch two episodes of American Gods, season 2 which has entirely stopped making sense.

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Richard Worth said...

Out of interest, what kind of impressive masks?