24 March

Got up.

Had porridge.

Wrote about Doctor Who.

Ate baked potato and four low fat Laughing Cow cheeses.

Went on 11001 step walk to Fishponds. Bought mushrooms, raspberries, milk, sugar, beer and zero fat yogurt in Big Tescos. Will make a game of not going shopping again until this time next week. Social distancing maintained; although probably walked past people at distance of less than two meters. Yogurt is a word I am physically unable to spell. The other is souvinir.

Bristol saying: There are no fish in Fishponds, and the ladies in Horfield are quite respectable.

Ate raspberries.

Wrote about Doctor Who.

Ate mushroom omelette and green beans.

Wrote about Doctor Who.

Talked to L on Facetime.

Didn't say anything controversial or vile all day.

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Richard Worth said...

Yoghurt is one of the three foods that tastes exactly as it is spelled. The other two are goulash and squid