21 March

Shops on Gloucester Road mostly closed. Cocktail bar rather desperately offering take outs.

How is it possible to have no work for the next month but still feel there are not enough hours in the day?

York Folk club very sensibly cancel spring folk weekend and talking in terms of no concerts until the Autumn.

Bristol Folk festival officially off; and postponed until 2021: don't think a delay until the Autumn would be realistic.

Tried to start on a new longish Doctor Who essay but heart not really in it.

Walked over to L's for tea. No other human beings all day.

Watched new episode of Picard which is finally coming to the point and therefore less interesting. We were supposed to be seeing Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf at the Tobacco Factory. Had a notion to watch the Burton/Taylor movie instead but ended up watching more American gods. Odin has a Wagnerian fight with Thor in a nightclub: understood what was going on but no how it fitted in with actual plot. I have read the book but the TV series seems to have departed significantly from it. Perhaps I should use my leisure to reread it. If I have not read Ulysses by end of confinement then I never will.

The weather continues charming.

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