26 March

Up at eight o clock like the man in the joke and wrote short article.

Possibly I cease to exist when I am not writing and/or consuming media. Certainly writing and watching TV is the only way to stop me worrying/ruminating.

As long as I am wondering whether that sentence might not read better the other way around, I am still exactly the same Andrew I was a week ago.

I am exactly the same Andrew I was a week ago as long as I am wondering whether that sentence might not read better the other way around.

While wondering about flipping a sentence round, I feel that the Virus and the Lockdown hasn't changed me or my life.

I have paid for Disney Channel but not actually watched anything yet.

The work ethic says that it is not permissible to have a good time when you are off school sick. If you are well enough to read comic books, Andrew, then you are well enough to go to school. Since "writing about Doctor Who" is a project, it doesn't in my little head, count as work or wasted time so it is allowed. Perhaps I will enforce a rule that says "no writing on Saturdays and Sundays", or simply declare that "watching Clone Wars from the beginning" or "reading Game of Thrones" is a Project?

  • Game of Thrones
  • All those millions of books by Robin Hobb with names like "Queen's Assassin's Fools Ship". I read the first three and liked them.
  • Ulysses. (Hah!)
  • Star Wars E.U/Legends
  • Alasdair Gray
Increasingly unsure about this diary. Cannot write about politics because I don't want a pile-on by the alt-right and anyway might inadvertently type something vile.  Cannot write about feelings because I might inadvertently hurt people close to me, although obviously not closer than two meters. Three months of saying that I ate porridge and watched Doctor Who might conceivably make me look shallow.

I am not going to write about Doctor Who for three months. I am going to do three more Tom Bakers and the rest of the last series and then talk about something. else.

Going to make porridge now.

But Father O'Leary, if two friends go out for their daily permitted walk and happen to spot one another, and choose to complete their walk together, does this count as a "gathering"?


Finished witty English twist on spaghetti bolognaise, and started to write about the Android Invasion (a Doctor Who story.)

My friend F texted me and suggested we met for "virtual beer". I think that the beer is real but the meeting is virtual. I downloaded Zoom, which is apparently what all the cool kids use nowadays.

Wrote insanely long commentary on first two episodes of Android Invasion.

Lost another 2lbs this week. Telephone consultation with doctor about blood pressure (mine, not his) did not happen; possibly he has other things on his mind.


Mike Taylor said...

Just a note to say that, for myself, I would be perfectly happy for you to spend the next three months writing about Doctor Who. I mean, you know, don't feel obliged or anything; but don't feel anyone will think less of you if you do.

In other TV news: did you ever watch Arrested Development? I think you will like it a lot. It's very frivolous, which is what I feel we mostly need right now.

Graham MF Greene said...

OH! You're also owed a text from me about (regular) virtual beers. Which is very surreal considering.

Andrew Rilstone said...

Mmm. Virtual beer.

Mike Taylor said...

My second-favourite kind of beer.

Richard Worth said...

I am going to tell you a secret. When I post on Facebook about 'really enjoying such and such a book' it is an almost infallible sign that I have red the first quarter of it, got all that I want out of it and will never actually finish it. My aim this week is to read a fair-sized book more or less cover to cover.