8 April

Ha. New Doctor Who essay on the blog. Only took a week. Just call me speedy Gonzales.


Had a pain in my foot for the last month. Since the last time I had a pain in my foot I ended up attached to a drip in hospital I have been somewhat worried about this. It is the kind of pain which keeps going away and coming back, which makes it very easy for “I’ll call the Doctor if it isn’t better tomorrow” to stretch on for weeks.

Mentioned it to my GP a few weeks back while he was checking by blood pressure. He said it was probably nothing.

 It failed to go away for another fortnight so I phoned the number on the card they gave me after I was discharged by the vascular ward. They said it was probably nothing but to talk to my GP. 

Yesterday I discovered the NHS online symptom checker. (Apparently, having to clear my throat a bit when I get out of bed in the morning is not an indicator of imminent death from Corona Virus. Why do you ask.) I answered a couple of questions about my footpain, such as “do you also have spots on your face” and “have you twisted your ankle” before getting to the bit which said “are you taking Warfarin” and that if so you should phone your GP immediately.

I phoned my GP immediately and to the everlasting credit of Nye Bevan got a telephone consultation with a GP within 20 minutes.

It’s probably nothing.


 Did they ever pick a replacement for Jeremy Corbyn?


Mike Taylor said...

I laughed at the "It's probably nothing" punchline.

The Labour leadership sage really does seem to have outlived its welcome.

Mike Taylor said...

* saga. Not sage. Not that Labour leadership sage would be such a bad idea.