31 March


Edited draft review of Android Invasion


Edited edited draft review of Android Invasion.


Tinned tuna microwaved baked potato and some kind of green vegetable.

Edited edited edited draft review of Android Invasion.

Proof  read review of Android Invasion.

Posted review of Android Invasion on blog.

I think no lessor person than Terry Eagleton reproduces a cartoon of a sculptor standing by newly finished statue. "Yes, you are right: I have the proportions all wrong. When I put it on sale I will call it "Woman with large head." I found I had written about a dozen unrelated paragraphs about the Doctor Who story. Given a week I could have probably turned them into something coherent, but instead I gave each section a title and released it into the wild as twelve mini essays, as if that was what I had intended to do all along. Don't tell anyone.

Another nasty person is saying that we should just let all the old people die because they were going to die quite soon anyway.

First experience of a "virtual" pub using Zoom to meet up with friends. Quite fun but no substitute for the real thing. I fear I may have drunk too much virtual whisky.

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