16 April

Diary out of sync with itself.

Apparently Tales From the Loop is based on a role playing game based on a series of paintings. The more I understand that it doesn’t have a point, the better I like it. I was expecting part 3 (in which two teenagers find a machine that  can freeze time and spend several months making out without  adult interference) to have a Very Dark Twist. Time starts up again and the kids find that years have passed; they find that everyone could see what they were doing; girl finds she is going to have a time stopped baby... The fact that there was  no twist ... that it was only ever about the characters ... is quite refreshing.

There is a man selling take away coffee on  the far side of the  suspension  bridge. He is also selling groceries and you have  to buy something else if you want a cup of coffee. He is very careful with hand gel  and making people queue two meters apart. I think  Michael Gove would agree that walking to the suspension bridge and back is a reasonable days exercise. Aero press is good, but I have missed shop bought flat white.

Went  to The Shop for the first time in over a week. A lot more rules about walking around in  one direction and not backtracking than there was a week ago. This does not tend to make it a relaxing experience.

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Richard Worth said...

Tried to work out the symbolism of the suspension bridge leading out of the Loop, until I realised that you had switched worlds between paragraphs