1 April

At work, customers have personal identification numbers. Often they have to come to the front desk to be reminded what they are. I have been promising myself that on April Fools Day I will take a packet of pins to work. and when someone says "Excuse, I've forgotten my PIN" give them one.

And put up a notice saying "Please Do Not Read This Notice", obviously.

A while back we has an empty display cabinet. I made a little sign which read:

Kindly loaned by Glastonbury Library
NOTE: Can only be seen by the pure in heart."

I don't think the boss got it. So I never  got around to the

Kindlt loaned by Bristol Zoo.
WARNING: Very poisonous. Do not allow out under any circumstances."


Things I will do when all this is over.

1: Exactly what I am doing at the moment, only with trips out to coffee shops.

Actually, I don't remotely need the trips out to coffee shops. All day writing, reading or watching movies with a 90 minute walk and some breaks for food suits me very well. I hope this does not put all the coffee shops out of business.

2: Exactly what I am doing at the moment, only visiting friends more often.

3: Totally change my way of thinking and become a more charitable and productive member of society 

3: Start going to gigs again.

I hear Edinburgh is officially off. Priddy and Sidmouth are still delaying the decision.


While the Very Nasty People are taking the "oh, just let the old folk die, they would probably have died soon anyway" line, I notice the actual doctors are increasingly defining "old" as "over 40". I really should stop reading the papers.

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