22 April

Got up.

Walked to medical centre for routine blood test.

There was a queue so they could "triage" us. I believe "triage" originally meant "working out who was going to die" so I think they could come up with a less alarming terminology.

Lady at desk had mask. Asked me if I wanted her to wipe the waiting room chair before sitting I say in but I said I was happy to stand.

Blood test achieved an no alarming phone call from clinic so I can carry on taking two little blue ones for the time being.

Walked back to Ls. Wrote about Doctor Who.

L has to do Very Important work meetings over Faceskypezoom all day, but we agreed that I can bring her silent cups of tea at strategic intervals. Unreasonably afraid I am going to trip up, pour the tea over her and say a Bad Word in the hearing of all her Very Important Colleagues. This didn't happen,

Wrote about Doctor Who, Doctor Who and Doctor Who.

Listened to Mark Goodacre's New Testament Podcast, and that other podcast by his two PhD students. This enables me to fake greater knowledge and expertise than I actually have. I learned that a: The definition of Virgin in the ancient world was a lot more complicated than most people think, unless it wasn't. b: There is a New Perspective on St Paul, which not everyone agrees with and c: There is more irony in Mark's Gospel than you'd think. (I am instantly convinced by the idea that what the Centurion actually said was "Yeah, like this is what you call the son of God?") My own commentary on Mark will restart once I am done with That TV show.

Tore up my very ranty essay on RTD's Sarah-Jane fanfic and wrote a more considered piece. Still expecting to get lynched over it, to be honest.

The Dead Planet is still very good indeed. We somewhat went through the cavemen saying "well this is interesting and of its time and quite well done in places" but came out of Dead Planet saying "that was just genuinely bloody good." I can't wait to find out what the robot menacing Barbara in the final frame is going to turn out to be.

L is quite up for having a Star Wars marathon over the weekend. Do we start with Phantom Menace or New Hope?


Stephen Watson said...

I thought it had be established beyond doubt that the correct order was 4, 5, 2, 3, 6.
That was before 7, 8 & 9.

Andrew Rilstone said...

Douglas Gresham — C.S Lewis’s stepson — has been know to point out that mathematically speaking there are 5040 possible sequences to read the Narnia books in.

Richard Worth said...

What happens when the correct order doesn't agree with the First Order? Do they have to send in the stormtroopers?

Mike Taylor said...

I think the addition of 7, 8 and 9 doesn't complicate matters. You just add them to the end, yielding 4, 5, (1), 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9.

The real problem is where to put the anthology films. Rogue One more or less begs to go straight into episode IV, but surely you have to start with Actual Star Wars, so nothing can come before it. I think the least worst approach might be to put Solo and then Rogue One between 3 and 6.

By the way, all of your New Testament factoids above sound fascinating. I for one would be happy to read more if you feel like writing it.

Andrew Rilstone said...

started releasing more Mark commentaries into the wild this week....