5 May

Nothing happens. nobody comes, nobody goes. It's awful.

I think I did some writing. Definitely did some reading. Tales of the Loop continues to be the same. The more I reads of Astro City the less there is. I have started posting my stockpile of religious essays and started to write some more.

Played Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective with various people over FaceZoomSkype. Worked rather well. Consulting Detective is basically a series of Holmsian murder stories which you have to read through and solve. There is some board gamish jiggery pokery involving maps of London and facsimile newspapers, but it's really just a solve-it-your-self-story. It's very well done: the stories are in the authentic Holmisan style. It's fairly easy to deduce what is going on from the individual clues; but quite hard to know which clues you should follow up on. We came unstuck because we didn't follow up on the name of the suspect's mothers' maiden name. There is a scoring system based on how close you got to the correct solution minus how many clues you had to look at to get there. We score sixty five out of a hundred which is apparently a lot better than most people do.

Trying to decide whether I should rewatch Clone Wars from the beginning, or plunge straight in and watch the new stuff. While I am trying to decide, the Disney Channel has released the entirety of Resistance (a cartoon series set contemporaneously with the recent sequels.) Which should keep me occupied for a while.

L is watching Preacher and doesn't hate it.

It being my duty to experience the really unpleasant things in life I have downloaded the first few volumes of Dave Sim's New Thing ("Cerebus in Hell") but will only read them as a last resort, like a cyanide capsule in my tooth.

Someone has sent me a CD of a musician I have not previously heard of. If it was you, thank you very much.

It will all be over by Christmas. Probably.

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