Gaz Brookfield


"Ok, so, yeah, a thing happened, and a lot of us are like, "err, what the actual fuck!?" But it's ok, as tomorrow it's the AGM of lovely people! "

three months on from my original prognosis
many pills were took and many tests were done
with all the evidence combined
the doctor changed his mind
he said "It's not Type 2 you've got, it's Type 1."


i grabbed the fucker by the throat and I carefully explained
that a decade of sustained mental and physical abuse
at the hands of you and all your friends have unsurprisingly produced
a good deal of repressed resentment and a tendency to snap
no, I don't wanna be your friend, how could you ever have thought that?


after I had waited for an hour and a half
I gave up, I relented, not a single train had passed
If I am to make sound check then I will have to drive
So I went home and got in my van and hit the old M5

lost among the mirrors and the smoke,
lost in the punchline of a badly written joke,
we can't fix it if we don't know how it broke,
we're just lost folk,

if we were in York, we'd be at The Fulford Arms
in London it's The Monarch where we'd fall for Camden's charms
if we were in Worcester we'd be drinking by The Severn
and if we were in Plymouth we's be drunkest men in Devon

I like a lot of the things that you're saying
Maybe just not how they're said
The sentiment that you're conveying can be
Swept up in the storm and blown over head


and I hope whatever your doing
and wherever you are
there is mulled cider brewing
and free mince pies on the bar
and i bet you make the angels
play a drinking game with you
and i bet hands down your winning
cos you always do


do you think I wonder if I'm wrong?
do you think I care as long as people sing along
but it's not over 'til you're underground
so I'm just trying to get along
the way I've always done it even if it's wrong
and I'm just trying to stay thin
thin enough to fit these jeans, and maybe still fit in


and it's hard to say why it has to be today
and I can't explain how it feels
but a black dog day could be just one sleep away
and I'll never see him coming
but I'll keep running with him snapping at my heels

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